Welcome to Impact Consultancy & Research

Impact Consultancy undertakes research, evaluation and consultation helping organisations across sectors to re-think, develop and improve what they do and how they do it. We specialise in linking policy and practice through undertaking work at both a strategic level and with communities and use our work with people as a touchstone for what we translate onto paper.

We are passionate about the power of collaboration and believe that the greatest achievements are accomplished through being open to new ways of working and finding inspiration outside of your own field of work. Our contracts cover a wide spectrum from the development of public policy through to helping community groups secure resources and evaluate their services. Examples of our work can be seen in our Work Porfolio >>

All of our work is under-pinned by the following principles:

  • To provide clients with high quality, professional consultancy support that makes a real difference
  • To develop tailored made approaches and solutions
  • To always make best use of the resources available
  • To put inclusion and equality at the core of everything we do

We offer a bespoke service for every contract we undertake and pride ourselves on providing high quality outcomes and excellent value for money. Our reputation is built on hard work and a strong commitment to client satisfaction. To find out how we can help you, please Contact Us >>